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Ana Rewakowicz  |  Uniblow Outfits
January 15 - February 9, 02


uniblow outfits

Uniblow Outfits was an exhibition of work by Ana Rewakowicz, an interdisciplinary artist born in Poland now working and living in Montreal. Using textile materials, perceived as a metaphor for the body's skin, Ana Rewakowicz explores issues of identity and belonging, emphasizing the ambivalence of feelings such as desire, pleasure, vulnerability and discomfort.

The Uniblow Outfits was an interactive installation that examined how fantasy projections and desire strategies used in fashion and advertising influence our ideas of comfort and discomfort. It consisted of two inflatable outfits made from rubber latex. Viewers could try the outfits on, attaching shoe pumps in order to inflate them through walking. A record of their performance in the form of a photograph could also be mailed to them if they asked for gallery assistance to take a picture, and if they provided a mailing address. A video of Rewakowicz's large inflatable room played in the Closet Gallery.

Ana Rewakowicz has exhibited within Canada, USA, Scotland, Poland and Ukraine. Her most recent exhibitions include Dreamscapes - a site-specific installation for the Musée du Québec in Québec City, Oasis - a group exhibition at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts in Montreal and Inside Out - a solo exhibition at La Chambre Blanche in Quebec City. Her work has been awarded grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and le Conseil des arts et des letters du Quebec. This was her first solo exhibition in the Maritimes.

Artist Presentation: Ana Rewakowicz gave a presentation of her work on Tuesday, January 15, 7pm in the Khyber Club. top


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